Freissle, a co-founder of Polydeck Screen Corp., played a key role in revolutionizing the screening industry.

Freissle originally co-founded South Africa-based Screenex, the parent company of Polydeck, and sought to improve traditional wire cloth and synthetic screen mats with a focus on improved safety and durability. In 1972, Freissle patented Polydex, the first modular synthetic screen panel. He holds more than a dozen U.S. and worldwide patents in screening technology.

Freissle’s years of experience and expertise at Screenex proved critical to the guidance of Polydeck, which was established in 1978. Freissle played a critical role in all facets of the company, from product design and manufacturing to sales and support.

Freissle’s involvement in Polydeck continues today, as the company has grown to more than 250 employees. His influence on screening technoloy has provided a number of benefits to aggregate producers everywhere.