Born in Cleveland in 1835, Washington Samuel Tyler was the founder of Cleveland Wire Works, a company that was renamed W.S. Tyler in 1872.

Tyler’s company expanded from 11 employees to 30 within its first year of business, becoming a pioneer in the manufacturing of steel wire for a wide range of specialty and standard products. In 1878, W.S. Tyler introduced the first fully mechanical weaving looms, as well as wire crimped in stages, improving durability in screen decks. By 1910, W.S. Tyler introduced the standard screen scale table with geometrically graded apertures, leading to customer testing, particle analysis and the development of the Tyler Standard sieve series.

In the years that followed, W.S. Tyler introduced the Ro-Tap sieve shaker, hook strips for screen tensioning and a fully mechanical vibrating screen.

In 1998, W.S. Tyler was purchased by Haver & Boecker, which today provides screening, washing and pelletizing solutions across the aggregate industry.